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TESTIMONIALS for Powers @ Law:

“I have two angels fighting for me.  No matter the outcome, I will always be so thankful for you.”
                                                                                         Oklahoma County Client
“We want to thank you for everything.  You were there for our family, and we really appreciate it.”
                                                                                          Bryan County Client
“I’m glad you are both in the battle for truth and preserving our American way of life through the
legal profession.  Thanks for all you do.”
                                                                                           California Client
“I want to thank you for your willingness to help us establish our trust.  My explicit faith in your
 honesty and expertise has made this journey easier.”
                                                                                            Edmond Client
“To the Powers that be . . . my lawyers!  I appreciate you two so very much.”
                                                                                            Edmond Client
“Thank you for your late nights and early mornings.  Your accessibility is greatly appreciated.
You have been a blessing to me."                                                                             
                                                                                             Edmond Client 

“It is a big relief to get these important legal tasks out of the path in front of me, and you have
been so kind, fair, and helpful in working with me.  I greatly appreciate and value your friendship.”
                                                                                             Edmond Client
“I wanted to thank you once again for all you did for me.  It’s people like you who let a person
keep faith in their fellow men and women.”
                                                                                             Logan County Client